Many people these days have fallen prey to addiction to drugs and alcohol which has led to increase in the number of centers for assisting these people. There are many options for drug rehab centers which available for you to choose from when you need to do so. Having many rehab in Chicago centers offering the help, this means that there are also different kinds of treatment options which you can select from. Because of the availability of the many options which you can choose from, it is possible for you to get confused but the main difference is that there are some facilities which are private and others public. You can also choose between facilities which are outpatient and those who are inpatient.


For people who can afford to pay for a facility which is private, they are the best because they don't have many people which makes them able to offer better care and treatments that are personalized to their patients. For public facilities, they are equally good and cheap, but since the patients are many, the ratio of doctors to patients is higher. There is some privacy in private programs because most public figures prefer them and they also have spas and swimming pools for luxury. Inpatient treatments are better than outpatient treatment in that they offer more elaborate programs. In the inpatient programs, patients live together and go through therapy and treatment as a group, as individuals and also sessions where their families are involved. While on inpatient treatment, the patients forego everything else to concentrate on the programs which last at least for a month. The addicts in the inpatient treatment go through the process of detoxification for the first two weeks whereby the doctor helps the patients overcome the withdrawal phase.


 For outpatient treatments, the patient goes through rehab as he or she continues with their daily lives. The addicts can organize for rehab sessions for the time that is best for them and go on with their work and family affairs. For parents who have small children, the outpatient program can suit them best. For people whose addiction is major, the outpatient program is not the best for them because they can go through withdrawal which could need some specialized medical attention. There is also the option of day treatment whereby the patient spends the whole day in the rehab center in Chicago but sleeps at their own home.